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Bricklaying, hills District, NSW

An example of a brick retaining wall with freshly laid turf in the foreground in Sydney's Hills District
The fine art of brickwork is a type of masonry that is associated with the accurate layering and installation of bricks that are bound by mortar to build up structures—most prominently, walls
Each product varies in style and process of creation but basically, it serves the same purpose of providing a level of support for lawn decorations or outdoor amenities such as pools. These can be tailored to complement the property’s existing appearance.

At Hills Landscaping, we offer a variety of brick styles and layout options that can be used to cultivate a myriad of designs. You can choose something conventional to showcase the rustic charm that bricks exude, or perhaps opt to be modern and follow the latest trends, depending on your preference. 

Whatever you choose to go with, though, we guarantee that we can make it happen.

Apart from the additional aesthetic value that bricks exhibit, most people also favour them due to their proven durability. Bricks can defy blazing temperatures and even the chilliest of winters. With all these benefits that come at a practical cost, it’s no wonder that a lot of people go for bricks when choosing to renovate their yards.

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Outdoor Flooring and wall made of bricks
Garden Bed being laid out with bricks propping up the freshly landscaped area
Among our in-demand services are edging and bordering, of which we layer brick around garden beds or other structures to make it look more polished and organised by keeping plants in place. Its installation work might be quite arduous, but with our team of seasoned experts, we assure you quick service that won’t compromise precision and quality. Considering that bricks last forever, intensive labour is a small price to pay, similar to the cost of our services.

Other great uses for bricks are as borders for trees, pools, and ponds, construction of retaining walls to reduce the risk of erosion, or pathways for your outdoor space. Such installations can add harmony between the different elements in your place by sectioning them into specific spaces. Its picturesque appeal also complements the natural components of your yard.

Throughout our years of experience working with clients for their commercial and residential properties, we have gained the finest resources and the expertise to effectively undertake any given project. We make sure to hire only the most competent and efficient people to give you the unrivalled service that you deserve. Our teams work tirelessly with qualified landscape architects to layout and produce outstanding structures and designs.

Above all, we make sure to comply with local regulations and follow national construction standards to also ensure that each project that we work on is top-notch and safe for all involved parties. Contact us now for outstanding brickwork services!

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The front view of a brick retaining wall
Side view of a completed landscaping job in the Hills District with a brick mailbox and brick retaining wall