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Gardens & Pools, hills District, NSW

Newly renovated pool in the Hills District
We ensure that the design matches your expectations and surpasses them.
The list of jobs that we have a flair for doesn’t end in construction work and landscaping. We also specialise in giving your garden and pool a boost in terms of fashion and functionality. At Hills Landscaping, we work on each project on a case-to-case basis, ensuring that the design suits the client’s preferences and that the finished structures are able to serve its purpose well. 

With this approach, we have garnered attention from locals and have already done work for many properties throughout our years of service. 

Whether you’re only looking to spice things up a bit or want to undergo a total garden renovation, we offer a diverse range of services that cater to your requirements. An overview includes remodelling, repairing, and restoring your outdoor area to its former glory.

We have a team of architects and designers who are highly trained to assess and recognise the specific requisites of your outdoor space and help you fulfil your envisioned outcome.

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Before photo of renovated and landscaped garden in Castle HillGarden Makeover in Castle Hill, NSW
Our garden restoration services are designed to maintain your existing flora and fauna. If you’ve visualised your dream garden to be a peaceful sanctuary, we also offer the option of further enhancing it with a variety of imported and locally-sourced plants and trees. With our numerous resources, we can cultivate any design of your liking and modify your space in alignment with the topography and overall atmosphere of the property.

Well-equipped and highly-qualified, our team of professionals can surely produce your desired type of garden. Not only are we skilled at design and construction work, but we also do planting services and provide an exceptional range of flowers, trees, and plants for you to choose from. We combine the different natural components of your garden, making sure that each one is highlighted in a way that the overall appearance isn’t too vivid for the eye. Moreover, once you’ve availed all of the aforementioned services, you can also entrust us with maintenance services, including lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and land sectioning, among others.

Apart from garden-related labour, we are also known for our exceptional pool renovation and repair services that aim to boost the functionality and appearance of your pool. The process starts with examining its equipment, tiling, and dimensions to ensure that our modifications correspond to the specific needs of your pool. Whatever pool service you need—may it be remodelling, re-tiling, painting, or installation of equipment, we can handle it with an exceptional level of finesse.

All of our services come at an affordable price. In spite of this, there would be no compromise made on the quality as our team works passionately to give you the ultimate experience. Regardless of the size and initial condition of your garden, we can guarantee to produce an outcome that’s worth all the money spent.
Renovated pool in Kellyville with artificial grass installedCloseup of artificial grass in pool makeover job in Kellyville
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Garden Makeover in Glenorie
Prep work for garden makeover in Glenorie by Hills Landscaping