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A newly paved concrete driveway in Baulkham Hills
It's essential to have and maintain an impressive landscape design and outdoor space
As one of the first things that will stand out to passersby, a great driveway is an essential element to any landscape design. Moreover, frameworks are usually designed as per the property’s outward appearance. Here at Hills Landscaping, we are fully-devoted to building remarkable entryways that are not only functional but also eye-catching, too. We provide paving services that offer you the freedom to design at your own pace whilst being guided by renowned professionals. We have a complete team of construction, architects, horticulturists, and pavers who have already established themselves in this field.

The first step would be an initial consultation that involves a site visit to assess the land on where the driveway or paving would soon be installed. This assessment plays a huge role in helping our highly-qualified professionals in determining which designs and materials would be most appropriate for your property and location. With a range of driveway designs as diverse as ours, you’ll certainly be able to pick something that best suits your budget and interest. Among the types that we offer are standard concrete driveways, crushed stone finish, asphalt, basalt, interlocking pavers or brick driveways, cobblestone, and exposed aggregate.

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Marble pavers in a feature area in a Kellyville home
Of all the aforementioned finishes, concrete and exposed aggregate are the most widely-used in Sydney due to the durability and cost-effectiveness of the materials. However, if you’re still uncertain of which material to utilise, we’ve got a team of specialists who will patiently work with you and conduct an assessment to provide options that will cater to your specific needs. With Hills Landscaping, we guarantee heavy-duty solutions that won’t be a heavy burden to your wallet.

Each material has a varying paving process that is crucial to ensure that the driveway not only reaches but also exceeds your highest expectations. This goes to say that some finishes take up longer laying times than others but to ease your worries, our team will keep you up-to-date on the happenings to assure that deadlines are met without having to compromise the quality. If you’re looking to have a driveway like no other, we also provide tailored services to help you create unique plans and timelines for your project, all while considering the details of your overall landscaping style to achieve a cohesive outcome.

Our pavers are extremely passionate about their job and will work tirelessly to bring you the top-notch driveway paving experience that’s worth your every dollar. In addition to our driveway installation services, we also offer renovations and modifications to existing driveways. With our resources and expertise in the field, we can surely transform any bleak driveway into a head-turner that complements your property. We offer a wide array of services that range from basic modification to the more complex reconstruction of a completely new design. If your driveway simply needs fixing, though, Hills Landscaping can also do that for you, making us a one-stop-shop for all your driveway paving needs. Give us a call and make your booking today!

Setting pavers in place for a new landscape design in Quakers Hill
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Finishing up brickwork in the Hills District
Garden centerpiece with stone paving