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Pergolas & Patios, hills District, NSW

Finished marble pathway with steps constructed in the Hills District
We can help you achieve the ultimate recreational space where you could make the memories of a lifetime.
An outdoor entertainment area is a popular addition to any Australian home. If you’re not one for landscaping or are likely to hold a lot of parties and barbecues at home, then we can help you achieve the ultimate recreational space where you could make the memories of a lifetime.

Most properties within residential spaces opt to have patios constructed. If you’re one of those people who are likewise interested, then it’s worth considering having it built by our skilful team at Hills Landscaping. We have endless options for styles that can be customised to your preferences. Should you be interested to use tiles, bricks, or stones, we’ve got it all for you.

This range allows flexibility in design and a consistent transition from indoor to outdoor. Can’t choose among the various materials that you can use? Our competent team of architects and designers will guide you in creating a patio that complements your adjoining property


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Pergola constructed of wood shown at a side angle
Another angle of the Rouse Hill wooden pergola built by Hills Landscaping
Courtyards, on the other hand, are commonly a private retreat within one’s residential or commercial area. It’s the perfect haven for relaxing with a group of people or simply getting a breath of fresh air. Our services include open and indoor courtyard construction that acts as a space for meditation and serenity, all while embellishing the property with its subtle charm.

We also offer pathway installations that adjoin your courtyard to other areas. Its style depends on the aura that its surroundings resonate. No matter what that is, we’re confident that we have the necessary materials and an outstanding team of designers to make it happen.

Like any other project that we take on, the process starts with a personal meeting with our team to assess the area on which you’re looking to have your patio or courtyard installed. Upon discussion, our experienced architects will create a sketch of the prospective design, making sure that all of the important factors such as location and dimensions are taken into account. We will also work closely with your area’s local council to produce designs that are in line with the national construction and design standards.

We are not a fan of rushing our work, but we make sure to accomplish our tasks on time, guaranteeing that the standards and quality are never compromised. To accommodate any possible deadlines and other time constraints, our team can adjust the building and installation process.

As environmental stewards, we, at Hills Landscaping, are dedicated to establishing sustainable and eco-friendly areas that can be marvelled at by generations to come. With a wide array of services, we can comply with whatever task you require—may it be a quick renovation or building a patio from the ground up. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

02 8488 8035
Private Courtyard built in Bella Vista, NSW
Angled photo of a courtyard in the Hills District