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Retaining walls, hills District, NSW

Retaining wall built in Sydney's Hills District
Since you’re longing to modify your outdoor living space, might we also interest you in complementing it with a retaining wall?
A retaining wall is a relatively rigid wall that is used for supporting soil laterally to prevent the risk of erosion on slopes. Deemed a necessity for properties with uneven ground, retaining walls allow you to contain soil in a specific space, which can make your landscape appear to be more organised and also be functional if you plan to have a garden area.

Hills Landscaping has a wide selection of materials for your retaining wall needs. Among these are brick, stone veneer, timber planks, and natural stone, all of which have different levels of sturdiness and aesthetic values. Surely, you’ll be able to find something lasting that flows seamlessly with the appearance of your property.
Concrete is among one of the trendiest options in Sydney due to its low cost yet high level of durability. It can withstand the harshest weather conditions and is also an all-purpose material as it can easily be molded into whatever you like.

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Corner of a retaining wall built in the Hills District
Retaining wall with trimmed and sculpted hedges within it
If you’re aiming for something timeless and classical, then a good option would be making use of brick or stone veneer. Similar to concrete, it is a low-maintenance material at a low cost. Moreover, it can easily be assembled just by stacking blocks atop each other, then securing them with pins or clips.

With a surge in popularity over the years, timber is a good choice when you’re on a budget as wood is more accessible in comparison to other materials. It’s also perfect for complementing houses with rustic appearances and enhancing the outdoor area by equally matching the garden’s raw, natural tones.

However, if you’re still not certain on which to utilise, our team would gladly guide and advise you regarding which suits your property and location best.

Our team of masonry artists, horticulturists, construction workers, and architects are all committed to producing your desired landscaping outcome. They are renowned for their efficient craftsmanship in building cantilever, gravity, and anchored retaining walls.

As usual, before undertaking any project, we assess your property to ensure that our installations would be appropriate regarding several factors. For instance, the type of retaining wall that you should get depends on how uneven the land is, as well as the amount of structural support needed for your yard. Depending on these, the duration of the process and the required reinforcement varies on a directly proportional basis. This mustn’t be a source of worry, though, as our experts will make sure that you are well-updated throughout the entire process.

At Hills Landscaping, we are determined to provide you professional service and produce retaining walls that are not only decorative but also functional and able to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Contact us today to further discuss the advantages of adding a retaining wall to your landscape!
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Retaining wall made of brick
Retaining Wall in Kellyville