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Landscaping, Design & Planning, The Hills District, NSW 

At Hills Landscaping, we take pride in transforming the dull outdoor amenities of properties not only in Sydney’s Western Suburbs but also in its surrounding regions. We consist of various teams of professionals like designers, pavers, and architects, who combine their unmatched expertise to bring you only the best landscape service experience. These experts are highly qualified in working on properties whether residential or commercial and have successfully gained the trust of clients from all over the area for their excellent service and finished products that are designed to be contemporary and functional alike.
Landscaped Back Yard overlooking the waterCompleted landscaping job in Castle HillMarble Stairs in a backyard that has been landscaped in the Hills District

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We work tirelessly to turn the average yard into an impressive work of art that will leave you and your guest gaping in awe. Our services are landscaping, patio installation, brickwork, artificial grass and regular lawn maintenance among others. Not only do we aim to beautify your space but we also remain environmentally-conscious and assure that we treat your land in a way that its richness is preserved.

When crafting your outdoor space, we do our best to be a mixture of creative and precise by acknowledging the ambience that your property exhibits then cultivating a design that will seamlessly complement it. Additionally, we can incorporate conventional designs with more modern ones and we can adjust it based on your tastes.

Our clients are always our primary concern and that means always giving our best to win them over. In our years of operating, we have gained customers who vouch for our competence and continue to call us to this date, not because our designs and structures have broken down or are unsatisfactory, but because they remain to trust us for the regular maintenance of their outdoor space.

What are you waiting for? With Hills Landscaping, you can just sit back and relax while we work ‘round the clock to produce an outdoor space that is gorgeous and serves as a functional area.
Landscaping Job done in the Hills District, Sydney
Pergola built in a backyard of a Sydney home
Decorative plants with pebbles put together as part of a simple landscape design
Stone Deck with stone stairs in the background

Landscaping Services

Driveway Paving

Whoever said that first impressions last wasn't far from the truth. The thought can be applicable for driveways which are likewise one of the most prominent parts of any property.

We offer a variety of driveway paving services to enhance your property’s overall outer appearance.

Tile finish?

We’ve got it all and more so you can count on us to match the style of your dreams. Impeccable driveways that can withstand weather extremes are our speciality and our highly-qualified team are primed to make your visions come to life.


Give your garden an entirely fresh, new look by surrounding your plants with intricate brickwork and brick edging. Have you been wishing to add brickwork installations onto your property? Hills Landscaping is the perfect team to attain the perfect outcome.

Among the myriad of brick services that we can do are brick wall installations, brick edging, brick border installations, barbecue installations, brick patio, and more.

A joint team of our masonry experts and architects work hand-in-hand to create exceptional designs that combine the quaint beauty of bricks with the raw allure of your property’s natural elements.

Once you get in touch with us, we would start with an initial design consultation with our team followed by a visit to assess your outdoor space and thereby know which materials would guarantee superior quality and longevity. This tailored process has helped us secure a spot as one of the top landscaping companies not only in the Hills District but even throughout Sydney.


Our landscaping works are skilfully tailored to each customer’s preferred style for their yard. We coordinate with our team of experienced architects who take great pride in developing detail-oriented designs. 

Remodelling an outdoor space can get strenuously overwhelming but at Hills Landscaping, we are dedicated to ensuring that what you want is what you get. If you’re aiming for a captivating lawn, we’re the right people for the job. Our designers are extremely precise and creative in their work, and above all, are deeply passionate about crafting sophisticated gardens and landscapes. Our adept team of architects, on the other hand, can easily turn any sombre outdoor space into a scenic landscape that looks as though it has been taken straight from a classical painting. 

These services can be further taken to the next level with regular maintenance visits to keep the space from going back to its original state. We offer basic lawn assistance such as mowing, hedge trimming, and tree services.

Garden and Pool Makeovers

They say that consistency is key and we can’t help but agree. An exquisite interior can and should only be complemented by an exterior that exhibits the same level of sophistication. We, at Hills Landscaping, are committed to beautifying and improving your garden space, modifying it into a charming haven of diverse blooms and shrubs. 

We have a myriad of resources and are certain that you’ll find something that best suits your interests. Our services stretch from simple tasks such as lawn mowing and maintaining your hedges, to landscaping your lawn with grass and further decorating it with an array of flora and fauna.

Moreover, we can customise garden designs that match your other outdoor amenities such as pools and ponds. These makeovers can be specifically tailored to your pool size, depth, etc. Included in our list of services are renovations and modifications, and we also do assessments of your pool equipment, like filters, heaters, lighting, tiling, and the pump before taking on any project. 

This gives us an overview of the necessary tasks to perform in every pool that we work on. With such an approach, we can negotiate on the quotes based on the amount and difficulty of the undertakings that are necessary to your property.
A stone staircase with cut grass in the background
A tiled design with stone tiles in a Castle Hill home
A pool and garden makeover in a Hills District home
The corner of a stone retaining wall in the backyard of a home in Kellyville, NSW

Retaining Walls

Most properties make use of retaining walls as it plays a role in reducing soil erosion, improving water drainage, and creating a usable space for gardening. However, aside from its functionality, it also adds style and a sense of elegance to any landscape. Wall designs can vary from one property to another, primarily due to the nature of the topography of your space. Simply put, we’ll design the dimensions based on the required support for the slope. Our ingenious approach ensure the durability and competence, as well as the aesthetic values of our finished product.

At Hills Landscaping, we provide a slew of options for retaining walls, which vary in materials, among which are brick, stone, concrete, and even timber. Keep in mind that these materials also differ in aspects such as functionality, longevity, and durability. 

If you can’t settle on what to utilise, though, our specialists will offer you suggestions on which is best for your property.
Are you from Hills District or in any neighbouring areas in Sydney’s Western Suburbs and are looking for any yard work services? Then put a halt to your search because we could do that for you and more.

Patios, Pathways, and Courtyards

A vivid, multi-functional outdoor space will surely add a touch of life and become an extra amusement space that is perfect for the whole household and entertaining guests alike. Decks have become an indispensable element in most Australian homes and from common mahogany-styled to quirky designs, Hills Landscaping can be your go-to for patio installation services.

We construct patios in accordance with your property’s resonating atmosphere, all while making sure that it also serves its function as a space for a diverse range of activities, may it be for dining or recreation. Furthermore, we take different aspects such as geography, climate, and location into account to ensure that the outcome is of first-rate standards. Whatever your preference is—perhaps a conventional Australian backyard or maybe something more stylish and contemporary—we have a team that can turn your ideas into reality.

Regular Maintenance

Show your overgrown landscape and unattended outdoor space some love by having it taken care of by only the most qualified professionals. At Hills Landscaping, you can rest easy knowing that your plants, yard, patio, and other outdoor amenities are in good hands. We have a team of dedicated workers who have your best interests at heart and will only give you the best service possible.

With the joint forces of our exceptional manpower and resources, you can easily check yard management off your to-do list. Our services include regular lawn mowing and upkeep, patio refurbishing, weeding, fertilisation, and even planting.

For regular maintenance services, we work closely together with each client to provide custom plans that cover seasonal care in which we tend to your flora and ensure that it thrives in the harshest weather conditions. You can rely on our excellent craftsmanship to keep your outdoor space looking newly-renovated and landscaped all year long.
However big or small your space may be, we modify each creation based on what looks best on your existing property. We’ve got customers who will attest to our level of professionalism and excellence. Just take a stroll along the homes and offices that we have serviced and see for yourself in the following areas.


Baulkham Hills

Bella Vista

Quakers Hill


Castle Hill




Pennant Hills



So what sets us apart from our competitors?
  • Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We don’t just settle for being good enough. We aim to give you the best yard service and maintenance in every facet.
  • Whether it is a quick lawn restoration or maybe a total backyard makeover, we understand the importance of clear communication and coordinate with you in every step of the way.
  • With a long-standing experience such as ours, we’ve grown to be one of the best companies in Hills and neighboring areas. Our designs combine elegance and purpose and we always strive for perfection in every job that we undertake.
  • We are your resident landscaping company and highly value being a part of this community to serve our fellowmen. We take pride in being known as Hills Landscaping and helping you through beautifying and restoring your outdoor areas.
Are you not satisfied with the landscaping services that you or your friends have previously gotten? Well then, today might be your lucky day as we take great pride in doing anything related to landscaping! 

Are you from Sydney

Even better! 

Hmm, no? 

That’s still okay! 

We have interstate partners to ensure that wherever you may be, you experience topnotch landscaping services that leave you extremely satisfied, all for an affordable price.

We accept jobs for either residential or commercial properties. If you’re looking to have your garden, pool, patio, or driveway, repaired or renovated, then you’re simply a call away from the best yard service provider not only in the district but throughout Western Sydney.
Garden maintenance job in Dural with a red car in the background
Makeover of a pool in Sydney's Hills District
Close up of a stone retaining wall with trimmed hedges
Another angle of a stone retaining wall in Sydney's Hills District

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Landscaping Supplies

At this point, you’ve probably already made a mental note of how extremely talented our team is, hence, you can expect us to exceed extremely high-quality standards, too. However, not only that, but we also owe our success to the premium materials and tools that we source from local Australian suppliers. Due to these, we can build structures that can stand the test of time. Our services are definitely like no other as we are client-centred and prioritise everyone’s safety above all, ensuring that no accidents happen on our watch.

If everything that we’ve mentioned is still not enough to convince you to hire us, here’s one more thing: once we’re done working on your outdoor space, we make sure to tidy up every mess that we’ve created. After all, we don’t just aim to create lasting structures but we aspire to build lasting friendships with our clients, too!
Have you made up your mind yet? Then give us a call to make your dream garden, pool, patio, or driveway—yes, you name it—a reality!